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    We provided expert guidance that brought clarity to your decision-making



    Provide proper guidance and planing to achieve your goals.


    Shortlisting University

    Discuss for world’s top universities and guide how to get admission.


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    Final steps to get student visa and send student to Abroad.

    Why Choose Us?

    We are 100% dedicated to your ambition, when you succeed we succeed. You are not just a student for us but a family. So our counselors made sure to guide you with utmost sincerity and transparency. We are bound by ethical values and that’s why you are in good hands. You will always have a success story with us.

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    Accredited Tutoring Services

    Aisha BansalStudent
    Mayank KumarPschology Student
    Rajni TomarStudent
    Atul SinghStudent
    EduBridgeOverseas made my dream of studying abroad a reality! Their knowledgeable and friendly team guided me through the entire process – from selecting the right course to handling visa applications. Their personalized approach and attention to detail made the journey smooth and stress-free. I’m now thriving in my international studies, and it’s all thanks to EduBridgeOverseas!
    I got Student visa by the help of EduBridgeOverseas! Their dedicated counselors not only helped me discover scholarship opportunities but also assisted me in crafting a standout application. The support I received was beyond my expectations, and now I’m pursuing my education without the financial burden. Thank you, EduBridgeOverseas, for making my dreams affordable!
    Moving to a new country for education seemed like a daunting task until I connected with EduBridgeOverseas. Their team not only helped me with course selection but also provided invaluable insights into adapting to a new culture. I felt supported every step of the way, making my international education experience enriching and fulfilling. Kudos to EduBridgeOverseas for their exceptional guidance!
    EduBridgeOverseas played a pivotal role in my career transition. Their counselors took the time to understand my goals, identified relevant courses, and even connected me with industry experts. The comprehensive career guidance I received empowered me to make informed decisions, and I’m now on a fulfilling career path. I highly recommend EduBridgeOverseas for anyone considering a career change!

    Hey! I am Onmichon Ramrar

    Certainly! As an Education Counsellor, I play a crucial role in guiding individuals through their educational journey, helping them make informed decisions about their academic and career paths. My expertise lies in understanding the diverse needs, goals, and aspirations of students and providing personalized advice to help them navigate the complex landscape of education.